Airport Vojka

A place with no boundaries

Flight school

The flying isn’t a hobby; the flying is the way of life. Become real aviator, not just a pilot!

Aircraft Sales

Would you like to possess your own aircraft?

Aircraft Service

If you want to engage your own aircraft’s maintenance by most sophisticated technology, Airport Vojka’s Service is your first choice!

About us

Airport Vojka was established in 2009 as the private-owned airport of sport-aviation. Its founders were guided by idea of spreading love for aviation to every generation, the older ones equally as to younger generations.
To this day, Airport Vojka represents a truly display of practice in state-of-the-art technology and safe access to aviation, but it also preserves aeronautical culture and aviation history. For safety reasons, our pilots fly exclusively on airplanes which are not older than 3 years; due to these high standards, within our training center exist two flight schools, both for sports- and for professional-aviation. Within the organization, there is a service for the maintenance of our fleet, as well as the luxury facilities for the accommodation of student pilots, which also includes a relaxation center such as sauna, jacuzzi, gym, etc.

In addition to the modern concept and design, we must not forget the great beginnings of the aviation era, so we are doing our best in providing to our visitors the flights at the latest replicas of aircrafts from the Great War and Second World War.

Airport Vojka, although stationed near Belgrade, is located in a quiet part of Vojvodina, so if you wish to relax from the city noise & fuss, if you wish to “go back” to the past, and maybe even to go forward into the future, or to learn something new, be free to visit us!